Thursday, September 30, 2010

Someone Somewhere

There is always someone out there needing somebody to just shine some light on them and let them shine. The person may even be closer than you may think he or she is. Your friends will be there for you hopefully or atleast your "real friends" anyways. You may be feeling bad one day and just in a sec you can get a message or something from someone and it can just change your whole day around. If you can make someone smile then i saw you've done a good job especially if they have had a bad day. someone once told me to always have hope and that is something you want to have. Till this day i have hope and always will. So someone is out there somewhere, they can be far or close but looking out for you and you may not even know it. :)


  1. Well said, Kam. You're a very special friend to me and you've made me smile on days that weren't goin the best for me. I thank you for that, and I'm very blessed to have you as a friend. :D


  2. Your very welcome! you know you are a special friend of mine and anytime I have the chance to do that i will try my best If your ever down you know ill be here :)